The tenant pays(pours) this day to the owner the sum of: 300 Euros for motorcycles / 120 Euros for bikes.

By way of pledge or deposit to answer damages which could be caused in the rented(praised) objects. The refund(repayment) of the pledge will be made on the return to the material(equipment) in good condition. The taker makes a commitment to return the material(equipment) in the same state of cleanliness and smooth running as at the time of its reception. The material(equipment) will be checked(controlled) before the rent and at the time of its return(restoration). Any cleaning, imperfection, irregularity, exaggerated wear, Breaks frame (Frame(Executive), fork and shock absorber, elements of body and saddle, cooling system, braking system before and back, instrumentation, cockpit, handlebars(guidon) and tips, handles(handfuls), accelerator, buffers(stamps) of protection) with regard to(compared with) the specified use are chargeable to the tenant of the material(equipment).

Loss or flight(theft)

In case of loss or of flight(theft), of sinister person in charge or of driving break-in, the tenant makes a commitment to pay off an equivalent material(equipment) at 1700€ for scooters or 200 euros for bikes classic hybrid bike and mountain bike, and 1400€ for the electric bikes. The tenant is responsible for the material(equipment) as soon as this one leaves the owner.

The tenant certifies to know the functioning and the manipulation of the material(equipment) as well as all the warnings of safety(security), the risks and precautions to be taken relative to the use of the material(equipment) described in this present contract.

The tenant will thus be held responsible for any bad employment(use), and for damage which can result from it. Flats, lack of petrol, problems of battery(drum kit) are chargeable to the customer.

In case of verbalization, the management fees of file(case) will be charged 30,00 Euros T.T.C by breach. The customer will settle(adjust) any expenses, fines and spending(expenses) for any breaches of the traffic(circulation), the car park, Etc. …

The customer declares on the honor to have made any training(formation) necessary for the conduct(driving) of the vehicle rented(praised) in the present contract.

The vehicle must be restored by the customer to the agency or it took up of this last (even in case of breakdown, accident, flat, return of flight(theft) Etc.)

The vehicle must be made clean(appropriate). Cool(expenses) of wash 30 Euros.

Any overtaking of date of return(restoration) planned to the present contract will be charged to the price list(rate) of a day rent of rent by slice(edge) of 24 hours(12 pm).


Allowed of current validity: in, A1 or B of more than 2 years.

Signature preceded by the handwritten mention(distinction): ” well for acceptance, without reserve, conditions of rent appearing on the front and on the back of the present contract “.